Health Scheme Insurance

The  MARK DAVSON HEALTH INVESTMENT SCHEME is designed to help people pay their medical bills, we know that there are so many people that do not have enough money to pay their medical/ health bills, Due to not able to pay their medical bills, they refused to go for treatment and so many are still battling with one sickness or the other, because they cannot be able to pay their medical or hospital bills.

A lot of people have lost their lives due to not being able to pay their medical bills and so many people all over the world are looking for money to undergo Surgery operation too.

There is a saying that says good health is wealth, for that reason, MARK DAVSON HEALTH INVESTMENT SCHEME has come to make sure people all over the world take good care of their health.
MARK DAVSON HEALTH INVESTMENT SCHEME has come with the logic to make it easy for you and every member of your family that have health issues to have access to money to pay their medical bills always.

MARK DAVSON HEALTH INVESTMENT SCHEME platform gives easy access to people all over the globe to get good health treatment and pay their medical bills.
For you to be among the people enjoying the MARK DAVSON HEALTH INVESTMENT SCHEME, you have to register with us and invest for your health and your family health for future purposes.

SCHEME registration for an individual is: $5,000.00
SCHEME registration for family: $20,000.00
SCHEME registration for company workers is: $50,000.00

Once you register with us on HEALTH INVESTMENT SCHEME, anytime you or any of your family members are having health issues, our company will be the one to pay all medical bills for 10 years and after 10 years you will renew the registration again.

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